What to expect at a Yoga Class

A few things you should know to enhance your learning and practice of Yoga.

  • We always practise in our bare feet.
  • Come to practice on an empty stomach (unless a specific condition prevents this)
  • Please bring your own mat, it’s more hygienic, although I do have a couple to borrow.
  • Wear comfortable exercise clothing.
  • Mobile phones are to be switched off.
  • Be early to class. Entering a class late can be disruptive and is disrespectful to others.
  • Ask questions about anything that is not clear to you. You may ask during class when appropriate or after class if there is time.
  • Please notify me of any health issues that may have changed since you signed your original health questionnaire. And remember, that not every pose is appropriate for everyone.
  • Let go of the competitive mind set. Yoga is non-competitive. .
  • Be kind and loving to yourself by accepting where you are. Rest sometimes. Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.
  • It is fine to leave the class for a few minutes to go to the bathroom. There is no need to ask the teacher’s permission.
  • When it comes time to take a Vinyasa (in Ashtanga Yoga), always feel free to take either Knees, Chest and Chin and Cobra, or Chaturanga and Updog.
  • Stay for the entire class. If you do need to leave early, please tell me beforehand and exit quietly before the final relaxation.

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