• Xmas & New Year Yogathon

    AndYoga Xmas and New Year Ashtanga Yogathon   To be held at The Niland Conference Centre, Rosary Priory, Elstree Road, Bushey Heath WD23 4EE.   To get you into the festive spirit, I will be holding an Ashtanga Yoga workshop on Wednesday 13th December 2017 6.30pm – 8.30pm. This will be a slightly different version Continue reading »

  • Ditch the Scales

    Ditch the scales! I did a very small survey on Facebook last week asking what was the worst diet you’ve ever done? I had some fascinating replies from the cabbage diet, Hollywood diet, eating 5 apples a day for 3 weeks, gallbladder cleanse……the list goes on. Upshot being that diets don’t work. At the best Continue reading »

  • How to recover from burn out?

    Are you feeling burnt out living the harder/faster/stronger lifestyle? Do you feel disconnected from your body and mind? Do you feel like you never have enough time for yourself, living a fast paced lifestyle with no time just to be? THIS WAS ME! That’s exactly how I used to feel when I used to teach Continue reading »

  • Feeling worthy

    Contrary to popular belief, I am not always this super confident person, full of smiles and positive vibes. I also have mindset issues around the feelings of not being enough, not being worthy. However, I have had somewhat of an epiphany today, call it an a-ha moment if you will. My feelings stem back from Continue reading »

  • 5 Tips to Keep You on Track

    5 Tips to Keep You on Track. #1 Always avoid processed foods. Try to cultivate an extreme hatred (I don’t eat……..) food wrapped in plastic or made in a factory. It will have been made to make you eat more of it not to nourish you (the food manufacturers are a business after all) If Continue reading »

  • Weight problem

    “Oh it’s easy for you, Andrea, you’ve never had a weight problem!” I have heard this excuse so many times in my 20 years of being in the fitness industry, from teaching aerobics, to my Rosemary Conley Diet & Fitness Clubs franchise, to now being an Ashtanga Yoga teacher for the last 10 years. Ok, Continue reading »

  • Summer Special Offer

    ???SUMMER SPECIAL OFFER Good Morning Ladies. As you may know, it was my birthday on Saturday and as my birthday present to you, I would like to tell you about my Summer Special Offer I am running on my 1:1 yoga sessions. I’m limiting this to the first 5 people who respond below. ⬇ Until Continue reading »

  • Vibroyoga

    VibroYoga is my newest workout to get you into your best shape ever in the quickest time ever. Vibrostation works by generating vibrations that are transferred to the body. This process causes a ‘myotatic’ reflex or a ‘stretch’ reflex in the muscle being trained. The muscles involuntarily contract up to 30 times per second depending Continue reading »