About Me

IMG_0798You will be working with one of the premier and most experienced yoga practitoners in town to help you get to where you want to be – whether that’s strengthening your core, becoming more flexible or getting fitter. All from my home yoga studio in Bushey.

Private/Semi Private

Choosing to work with me exclusively isn’t just about increasing your flexibility. It is about improving your entire quality of life. If you are working out properly, you’re healthier, sleeping better, naturally eating healthier, have more energy and less stress and are able to perform better in everything you do. Enjoy my no fluff approach to yoga to achieve your goals within weeks.

Anti-Ageing /Face Yoga Programme

  • Improve your facial skin tone in a natural and non-invasive way
  • Reduce your under eye shadows, hooded eyes and bags
  • Get rid of your frown lines, jowls and tone neck and under chin
  • Using face yoga exercise and high quality products
  • No Botox Needed!